Why Ultimate?

Sport, like any recreation, becomes built into our identities. They expose us to the unwritten principles of life that cannot be experienced in the classroom or at the workplace. For us, that medium is ultimate frisbee. Ultimate is unique in its emphasis on spirit, respect, and community that surround competition. By design, it challenges competitors to learn and embrace these core values while establishing them in its empowering culture. We have observed this first hand and gratefully attribute the characteristics below to our experiences with the sport:

Internal - empathy, creativity, dedication, leadership, and positivity
External - respect, sacrifice, trust, sportsmanship, and communication

Ultimate revolves around the idea of “spirit of the game”. As a self-officiated sport, the responsibility for fairness and resolving of conflicts fall on the player’s shoulders. This creates a competitive environment where athletes are forced to listen to an opposing perspective, agree on common ground, and maintain mutual respect for their opponents anytime they step on the field. A great ultimate player is not necessarily someone who is a skilled athlete, but rather someone who is constantly challenging the way they perceive competition and sportsmanship as a whole. 

It is no surprise how much of an influence ultimate can become to an individual’s development of self. This is the beauty of ultimate. It can bring so much positivity into a young person’s life and at the same time require so little; all that is needed is an open space, a group of people, and a plastic disc. 

We plan to use ultimate as a tool for teaching Indian youth the importance of equality and mutual respect amongst each other, regardless of gender or class barriers. If we can help just one person learn how to use ultimate as a positive outlet in their lives, our mission will be accomplished. 

Why Now?

It’s easy to make excuses. It’s easy to put passions on hold. To shy away from opportunity. For too long, we have fallen into these traps. With this project, we are attempting to break the mold and dive into the unknown. Our finestra, our tiny window of opportunity, is now. 

Opportunities do not always present themselves, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them happen. If you own the opportunity, free yourself from fear and doubt, and are surrounded with the right people, anything is possible.

We feel extremely passionate about leaving our jobs and taking this time to travel the world, teach this amazing sport, and pay it forward. By capturing this journey as a film, we hope to inspire others to embrace the chaos, dive in, and go after the things they want in life. 

Guiding Principles

  1. Self Discovery: strive to become the best version of yourself & push your boundaries every single day. 
  2. Listen First, Speak Second: be inquisitive. This journey is as much about the communities you are interacting with as it is for yourself. Make an effort to see the world through a new lens. 
  3. Respect & Reflect: embrace the differences over the similarities. Dive deep into the cultures surrounding you. 
  4. One Step at a Time: there are many things that will inevitably go wrong. This journey will be like climbing a mountain. When the going gets tough, take a step back, breath and smile; challenge adversity through positivity. 
  5. Share Your Story: we believe in personal identities. Be proud and confident of who you are. Don’t allow fear to prevent you from sharing your story.