The Disc

One of the amazing features of Ultimate is that all you need to play is a disc. We are fortunate to be able to partner with a company that shares the same view: ARIA Ultimate. With their help, we will now be bringing discs to India and giving them to young athletes with passion for the sport.


ARIA Ultimate

ARIA is an Ultimate company that is changing the way we think about making and distributing frisbees. Like us, they believe Ultimate is intrinsically good for the world and can be used as universal tool for invoking social growth in communities. Their 1-for-1 business model allows them to support local and international social partners each time they a sell a disc. 


For every $25 or greater that is donated to our campaign, donors will receive an ARIA disc AND we’ll receive an extra disc to gift to the ultimate athletes we meet along the way. For many, this will be the first time they’ll ever have owned a frisbee!

Thanks to ARIA, you now have the opportunity to directly participate in the Pay It Forward mission and facilitate the delivery of discs into the hands of athletes half way around the world.