Our Finestra


While we travel on this journey and pay it forward to the ultimate communities we encounter, we will simultaneously be creating a film. The finished product will be experimental in nature, capturing day to day life in a vlog-style format. 

Our moniker for this endeavor? Finestra Film Productions. 

In latin, the root word fenestra means window. The Italian translation is written la finestra. This trip was born from an idea and a small window of opportunity, our finestra.


We are creating this website, this moniker, and this film  in an effort to inspire others to embrace the unknown and pursue their passions. Everything you see here is tangible evidence for reminding ourselves that we're going all in and doing what we love.  It just goes to show: any idea can be brought to fruition no matter how out distant it may feel. 

Be sure to check out our Twitter and Instagram links at the bottom of the page so you can follow along with us every step of the way. 


Marc & Jacob