Project Pay it Forward (PPIF) is a three part story of two friends who are dropping everything and jumping into an adventure from the US to India and Australia. This website is a way for you to follow along and become inspired by our mission. 


Pt. 1: Bridging the Gaps

BTG is a 5 day ultimate frisbee-art camp located in Surat, India that is designed to inspire a generation of Indian youth to bridge the gaps created by poverty, gender and class. At BTG they believe in the Katradi method, which creates an environment infused with non-judgemental respect and positive energy for teenagers to challenge deeply rooted issues that affect their lives. Our goal as coaches will be to make this experience as unique and transformative for the campers as possible. We feel extremely fortunate for the opportunity to participate in something that so closely aligns with our mission. 

Pt. 2: Under 24 World Ultimate Championships

The 2018 WFDF U24 World Games are taking place in Perth, Australia from January 7th-13th. Here, the top young talent from 20 participating countries will be competing across the Men’s, Women’s and Mixed divisions. We will join Ultimate Australia’s volunteering staff on January 5th to be a part of setting up, running and breaking down of this world class tournament.


Pt. 3: Ahmedabad Ultimate Open

India’s longest running national tournament! After 10 years of organizing, the Indian ultimate community continues to grow interest and become more competitive in the sport. So much so, that they’ve gained international attention; we (along with a group of male and female US players), will be traveling to Ahmedabad, India from January 20-29th to volunteer in the community and compete against the field at AUO. As strangers from halfway across the globe, we hope to demonstrate the true depth of the ultimate community and contribute towards the continued  growth of the sport. 


The disparity between each journey will allow us to experience a wider scope of perspectives on what the sport of ultimate means to the people in these communities. Whether we are participating on the grass roots level or world stage, it is our continuous duty to pay it forward and share how the game, its lessons, and the people behind it have shaped us into who we are today.